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Dan is a dream to work with. He's reliable, talented and will stay with it until he gets what you want. And that voice! What a talent! We've worked with him on corporate and commercial projects; his versatility and commitment is fantastic.


Darci Knowles

Owner, Darci Creative, LLC

Portsmouth, NC.



Rio Arts, Riverbank, CA.



We needed a very creative, caricature'ish voice-over for the splash page of our website to go along with our 1930s gangster version of "The Taming of the Shew." Dan Bailey not only came through with a perfect 'wise guy' rendition, but he helped write the script and selected the perfect music, too. He was easy to work with and provided a quick turn-around, which made us look good. We bet he'll make you look good, too.

// Joey Huestis
Producer, Rio Arts 6th Annual Shakespeare in the Park
Riverbank, CA



tciii productions



Dan Bailey is an incredible talent in this business. As a director and editor, his voice brought the trailer for my short film, "The Revenant," an incredible edgy and dark feel that really mimicked the film as well as command audience attention. Dan really holds a presence with his work and takes direction like a pro. He did a stunning job and I would be lucky to work with him again!


Tony Conte
Writer, Producer, Director,
The Revenant

Quick response and flawless first take; took direction given in project description and delivered exactly what we were looking for.

Posted by:
Marcus Chambers 

Feb 04, 2010